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Kids Parties

Childrens Parties.

Let's face it - kids like to impress their friends and we like to impress our kids.
Well there is one sure way to achieve both. Let your kids board the Disco Bus for that special occasion and we'll show them the time of their lives.

With DVD's, funky sounds and light shows to remember, this is one party your child won't forget. Your child will be talking about this special event for a long time to come.

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Hen's Parties

Hens Parties.

"Girls just want to have fun.

If that's the case, hop on the Hen House, and let us start your night the way you want it to continue.

You can hang the "L" plate and cuffs where ever you want and we'll treat you to party transport like you've never experienced before. With onboard surround sound and a full light show, we'll be sure to get you into the party mood.

When the pubs and clubs close we will be on hand to bring you safely home but yes, the party continues with more drink and music.

Forget the Taxi or Limo, if you want a night to remember, there is only one way to start and finish the party, The Hen House.

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Stag Parties

Stag Parties.

The Disco Bus is the perfect starting point for the ultimate Stag Night.

We will transport you and your mates to the main party in style. While on board the Disco Bus you will be treated to top class sounds complete video and top class strobes and disco lights

So lads, let us make your stag night, unforgettable.

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Golf Outings

Golf Outings (The 20th Hole).

This is the perfect way to treat yourself, your friends or your corporate clients. The Disco Bus will collect all the golfers in your party, and don't worry we have lots of room for the clubs. If it's too early in the morning to party, we will select some music to relax you before that all important game.

When you have completed your 18 holes, retire to the clubhouse, have a bite to eat and a couple of drinks while you dissect every shot of your game. Then let the outing continue onboard the Disco Bus (the new 20th hole), party some more with a few more bottles of your favourite tipple, lots of music and flashing lights and if you are finished dissecting the good(or not so good) round of golf, we will crank up the on board video system and play some DVD's through our top quality surround sound music system.

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Corporate Events/Transport

Corporate Events.

Treating your customers or employees to a night out?

There is no better way to treat customers or employees to a company night out, than giving them the most sought after ticket in town, a ticket to board the Disco Bus.

We will collect your clients or staff, lubricate them with a few drinks on route to the main function, get them in the party mood with top class music DVD's played through our surround surround music system. We guarantee those who travel in the Disco Bus will be the happiest on the night.

We can finish their night in the same style as it started and they can even enjoy a nightcap on the way home. What a way to impress your clients or staff and just think what the topic of conversation at the water coolor will be the following morning.

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Debutante Ball

Deb's Ball.

Rock on down to the Deb's Ball

The Disco Bus will collect you and your party and treat you to full club sounds all the way to your venue. When the main event comes to a close, we can be on had to rock you to your Apres Deb's event, and keep you in the party mood with cool sounds all the way there.

Be the envy of all the others, the Deb's Disco Bus is a must for serious music lovers

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Rock Concert Tours

Rock Concert Tours.

Booked a concert in the O2 and planning to make it a really special concert?

Arrive in style and in the mood. Take the Disco Bus rocking Tour of Dublin.

We'll treat you to a tour of Dublin in Party mode and deliver you just in time and suitably primed to the O2 or other concert venue.

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Temple Bar

Temple Bar.

By Day, Dublin's "old town" filled with quaint cafes, fine architecture and shops, by night the hub of Dublin's Entertainment district with countless bars, restaurants, cinemas, cafes and clubs. Basically, whatever type of night out you want, Temple Bar has it, with fun entertainment in abundance.

Get the Temple Bar Disco Bus and we'll show you the right place's to go and we'll make sure your in the party mood when you get there.

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